Cat Fountains: Honey Guaridan versus Catit Flower Fountain

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We have posted about Tyra, the White Cat in the past. She is our 15 year old cat that we got from a stranger. One of Tyra’s quirks is that she loves water. She loves to drink straight from the bathroom faucet and enjoys hopping into the shower for a drink. She also loves to dip her left paw, never her right, into her water bowl. While she loves to do this, it also introduces impurities to the water and she absolutely hates dirty water. This was quite the conundrum for us, how do we make sure her water is clean and let her dip her paw? We looked around the interwebs and decided to get her a water fountain. She is spoiled rotten but we love her.

The first fountain we purchased was from a brand called Honey Guaridan (yes, this is the correct spelling). It was their base model with no bells and whistles. We purchased it on Amazon however, it appears they no longer sell this model and if you attempt to visit the company’s website using Chrome it warns you about attackers, therefore we don’t have a link to the specific model. We wouldn’t recommend this model to anyone anyway, after having it for two months it stopped working. 

The filters for the Honey Guaridan fountain were very startling to prepare. The instructions direct you to soak the filter for five minutes in water before putting it to use. Following the instructions, we walked away for five minutes and when we came back the water was black from the filter. We dumped out the black water and put in fresh water and waited another five minutes. We ended up soaking it for 20 minutes, by which time the water was still tinged with a little gray but we felt comfortable enough to let Tyra drink from the fountain. Below is a picture of the water after five minutes.

honey guaridan pet fountain black water filter ohana pets

After this fountain broke, we switched to a Catit Flower Fountain. This fountain has three water flow options versus the single one of the Honey Guaridan. The Catit Flower Fountain also has a filter, which their website describes as triple action: cotton mesh, charcoal and ion exchange beads. According to the manufacturer, these filters don’t need to be soaked prior to use. We soaked the very first filter for five minutes to see if the water would turn black, however it didn’t so we haven’t soaked any more prior to use. Although the charcoal doesn’t seep out to begin with, it does leach into the water during use. The pictures below were taken a week after we replaced the filter. There is a black residue where the water runs through the top of the filter, in the tank and on the center spout.

catit flower fountain cat pet water ohana pets

The manufacturer recommends changing the filter every 30 days. It is difficult to determine if the filter is dirty before the 30 days. We have found that the easiest way to tell if you need to change the filter before 30 days is by touching the plastic bottom of the filter. It can get real slimy before the recommended 30 days, depending on how much your cat drinks. We top the tank off every couple days by pouring water through the top and then once a week we take it apart and give it a good rinse. The water gets murky throughout the week as you can see in the picture below.

catit flower fountain pet cat water ohana pets

We thought Tyra would enjoy the flower attachment that allows the water to flow similar to water from the tap. However, she was not a fan of the flower and prefers to drink directly from the center water spout. We still have water bowls set around the house for her to drink from and dip her left paw in. Interestingly, she doesn’t dip her paw into the fountain.

We highly recommend the Catit Flower Fountain to all of our cat friends out there. We are not affiliated with this company, Tyra just loves this fountain. You can get it on their website or on Amazon.

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