Farewell Sweet Izzy

As some of our followers know, we have been introducing you to our pets in a series of posts called Meet Our Pack. For today’s post we had intended to continue this series by introducing you to Izzy, our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, however early this morning we had to say goodbye to her and she crossed the rainbow bridge to be reunited with Nana. We are heartbroken to have lost both of our beloved dogs within the last year but we are also grateful to have had them in our lives. 

izzy puppy soft coated wheaten terrier ohana pets

Izzy was born on January 30, 2010 and came to live with us on March 28, 2010. She was the first dog we ever got as a puppy and she was so adorable. Her puppy fur was a deep luxurious auburn.

izzy puppy soft coated wheaten terrier first hair cut ohana pets

After Izzy’s first hair cut, she went from auburn to the Wheaten standard cream color.

izzy soft coated wheaten terrier smile ohana pets

Izzy grew to be a quirky dog but highly intelligent. We took her to puppy school and she learned basic commands quickly but also on her terms. If she didn’t want to do something she wouldn’t and if she was disciplined with any sort of force she retreated. We discovered she was a very sensitive dog.

izzy peanut butter soft coated wheaten terrier ohana pets

Izzy loved to lick empty peanut butter jars and knew that if she held onto it with her large paws she could get even more out. Such a smart girl. She also showed her intelligence during walks as the weather started to warm up in the spring. She understood that shade from the trees meant cool spots, so we would end up running from shady spot to shady spot and then resting for a little once we got there. It was a hilarious scene and she always looked so pleased with herself.

izzy car harness soft coated wheaten terrier ohana pets

We went on a lot of road trips with Izzy and Nana which have given us so many lasting memories of both of them. Izzy did not enjoy car rides as much as Nana but Izzy also did not like being left home. The one time she had to stay at a kennel while we went to a funeral led to a food strike. Car rides meant lots of panting and whining but she loved exploring new places. On our road trips we discovered she did not like big semi trucks because they were too loud. She also did not like if we accidentally drove on the rumble strip on the edge of the highway or the buttons marking the lanes. If any of these things happened, she would wiggle and fight free of her car harness and end up in the nearest human’s lap. There was absolutely no way to stop her after the fear had taken over. 

izzy sun drenched soft coated wheaten terrier ohana pets

Earlier this year, she started losing a lot of weight and we just thought it was because she missed Nana who passed last August. We took her to the vet and they found a mass in her liver, presumably cancer. We switched vets after the first one said there was nothing we could do and she started gaining weight after being prescribed prednisone. We knew the end would come at some point but we did not know for sure when. Things went well for the past seven months until early this morning when she started showing signs of distress. She became lethargic and couldn’t stop panting and shaking. We knew it was time to say goodbye. 

izzy happy smile soft coated wheaten terrier ohana pets

Izzy, we are so sad you’re gone but your paw prints will forever be embedded in our hearts. Your memory will continue and we know you can run free now with Nana. We will see you again someday and we can’t wait to be reunited. Rest in peace sweet girl. January 30, 2010-August 2, 2019 

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