Meet Our Pack: Billy, the Tabby Cat

We have previously introduced you to Watson, the desert tortoise, and Tyra, the white cat. Today is Billy’s turn in the spotlight, which is rare since he is the "neglected" middle child. Billy is an 11 year old tabby cat. He is a big boy that tips the scale at almost 15 pounds however he is not overweight based on the body condition score chart from the World Small Animal Veterinary Association. He scores a 5 on the chart as does Tyra, even though she is only 9 pounds.

cat body condition score chart ohana pets treats

Billy was another spontaneous adoption. We were walking through the mall and we saw that Pima Animal Care Center (aka The Pound) was having an adoption event, so we stopped to “look.” We went from “looking” to falling in love the moment we saw a baby tabby kitty. We adopted him on the spot. While the humans fell in love with the new kitten, Tyra did not. She wasn’t very nice to him when he was little and then as he grew, he got his revenge. He still has a little fur free spot on his right ear thanks to a love bite from Tyra.

billy tabby cat kitten ohana pets treats

Billy is a very reclusive cat, you can go an entire day without seeing him and then all of a sudden he will appear seemingly out of nowhere. However, he does love his humans. When we leave for a couple of hours, he will be sitting by the door waiting to greet us upon our return. He is also very chatty when we get home. He will meow and then we meow back, he will meow again in response. It is very cute, both that he missed us and his meow is kind of petite, if a meow can be described as such.

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Billy is very handsome but sometimes he can be a jerk. Almost every time he wants to be petted, he will flop over and show his belly. Most times we know this is a trap but every once in a while we forget and go in to rub his man pouch and get a swift bite on the hand. Billy also enjoys sneaking up on the dogs while they are sleeping and burying his nose in between their toe pads. The dogs do not enjoy this at all.

One of his favorite sleeping spots is on top of the printer. This is cute until you need to print something and a giant cat is in the way. He most likely enjoys this spot because it is warm. We have to keep the printer covered so all of his fur won't clog up the machine.

billy tabby cat printer ohana pets treats

Billy’s favorite treat is our Tyra’s Tasty Crispy Cod: Small Bites Thin Cut Jerky. Get a bag for your feline friend today!

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