Meet Our Pack: Bodhi, the Stoic Terrier Puppy

It has been awhile since we have posted, we apologize for our little hiatus. After the loss of Izzy in August, it has taken us a long time to recover and process the loss of her presence in our life. We will always miss her and eagerly await her return to our family, reborn as a new healthy dog again.

Today, we wanted to introduce you all to Bodhi. Bodhi is an 18 pound terrier mix we adopted from the Pima Animal Care Center (aka The Pound) as a puppy in March. He will turn one year old at the end of November. 

bodhi terrier puppy ohana pets

When we suddenly lost Nana last year, we were not sure if Izzy wanted or needed another companion to keep her company. After we were told of Izzy’s cancer diagnosis, we decided to get her a companion and perhaps ease the pain of losing her in the future. We waited for destiny to intervene and Nana to reveal herself as a reborn puppy. Our patience was rewarded with Bodhi. Bodhi is very stoic like Nana was and also gets the same little mischievous glint in his eye right before terrorizing the house with zoomies. 

Bodhi is an ankle biter and would run under Izzy since her legs were so much longer than his. Whenever he did this, her eyes would bug out and she would try to run away without tripping over him which was always hilarious. 

izzy bodhi wheaten terrier mix puppy play

Bodhi has some quirks that we have never seen in any dog before. He absolutely loves to lick metal. When we put on his and Izzy’s leash, he would walk over and lick the metal clasp that connected the leash to her harness and she would just give us a look that begged us to make him stop. Now, he continues his metal licking habit by licking his own leash clasp. He is also afraid of the foldable sunshield for the car. His preferred method of riding in the car is sitting on the center console facing backwards, which honestly is so weird but also so cute.

Bodhi is adorable but he is even more cute when he is focused on you and his little underbite is exposed. He flashes a little line of pearly whites that just melts your heart.

bodhi terrier puppy cute dog teeth

Bodhi’s favorite playmate is Billy, our favorite tabby boy. Now that Bodhi has a five pound advantage on Billy, the two boys will roughhouse which makes us laugh all the time. Billy has never played with any of our other pets before Bodhi, he just kind of coexisted with all the others, so seeing their interactions are pretty great.

billy tabby cat bodhi terrier puppy playing

We have named one of our dog treats after him, Bodhi Bites. They are smaller versions of our Nana’s Nuggets, both of which are composed of a roasted chicken base with sweet potatoes and sweet peas. You can see our full line of pet treats here.

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