Meet Our Pack: Tyra, the White Cat

This is the second post in our Meet Our Pack series. Our last post introduced you to Watson, our desert tortoise. He is the oldest member of our pack and you can read more about him here.

tyra white cat laying down ohana pets

Tyra is the oldest mammal of our pack at 15 years old. Tyra may look familiar to you because she is featured in the Ohana Pets logo!

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How we ended up with a cat is interesting because up to that point we had only had a greyhound and a pair of guinea pigs. Well, that's not entirely true though, we had a kitten for about three days, in which it chased a five year old Ali around the house and then mom had to give it back. One day, many years post kitten traumatization, we saw a sign on our neighborhood mailboxes that said free kittens. We called up the phone number, went over to a complete stranger’s house (clearly we didn’t take stranger danger to heart!) and picked out a cute kitten. This was pre-camera phone so all of her cute kitten photos are on film, buried away in a box waiting to be discovered again sometime in the future.

tyra white cat light beam ohana pets

Tyra has always been wild but that may be due to her father. When we picked her out, the lady told us that she wasn't sure who the father of the kittens was. Was it the male cat that lived there or a feral cat that lived outside their house, nobody knows. However, Tyra's behavior from the beginning indicates her father was the feral neighborhood cat. Tyra is a known cord chewer but has somehow survived up to this point. We finally learned that it was cheaper to buy cord covers than new cords. Also, none of that bitter apple or hot sauce ever deterred her chewing habits. She is also a member of the 30% of cats that don’t react to catnip.

tyar white cat blinds ohana pets

Tyra is a highly intelligent cat. How do you measure a cat’s intelligence? We have no idea, but we do know she is a step above. The first time we were shocked by her intelligence was when she jumped onto the bathroom counter and watched us through the mirror. We tested her to see if she was actually looking at us by walking back and forth and her eyes followed us. She is also a supreme bug hunter. Below, you can see her chasing a fly, which she has been known to catch with her cat like reflexes.

tyra white cat fly ohana pets

Now that Tyra is a senior citizen, she spends most of her day sleeping and then waking up to demand her food bowl be filled because it is empty. In Tyra’s world, that means she’s eaten the top layer and now the kibble level has dropped a centimeter. This is followed by more sleeping and then her nightly sprint from one side of the house to the other. One of her favorite spots to spend her day is sunbathing in the window that faces the street so she can watch the people and birds. You can tell she spends a lot of time in this spot based on her nose prints on the window in the picture below.

tyra white cat window sunbathing ohana pets

Our Tyra’s Tasty Crispy Chicken: Small Bite Thin Cut Jerky is named after her. These small bite chicken jerky treats are the perfect size for cats to enjoy. Tyra has a sensitive stomach and can only eat certain foods or else she will throw up. She absolutely loves these treats and since they are all natural chicken, they don't upset her stomach. You can get a bag for you cat or small dog today

You can check out our entire pet treat lineup here!

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