Meet Our Pack: Watson the Desert Tortoise

You may be curious as to who makes up the Ohana Pets pack. We gave a brief outline of our pets on our About Us page but we wanted to spend a little more time filling you in on who we are.

The first member of our pack we wanted to introduce you to is Watson. He is a Sonoran Desert Tortoise, Gopherus Morafkai, and is the oldest member of our pack. His exact age is unknown but he’s somewhere between 20-25 years old. Watson tips the scale at a hearty ten pounds. People who haven’t been around tortoises would think they’re boring but he is quite charming.

Watson desert tortoise hibiscus

He loves to lumber around our backyard and check out every nook and corner. Since he is a desert tortoise he consumes native vegetation and therefore we don’t give him any homemade treats. He absolutely loves flowers. If he sees and smells a pile of flowers we have plucked, he will come running over. I know, running? Really? But yes, we would describe it as running. His strong, stumpy legs can really move when his favorite flowers are waiting to be devoured. His favorite flowers are hibiscus, as seen in the picture above, and globemallow, seen below.

watson desert tortoise globemallow

In the fall, after all of his favorite flowers have stopped blooming, he loves prickly pears. Watson uses the pointy tip of his upper jaw to pierce the juicy fruit. He can eat an entire fruit in one sitting. We harvest the fruit off the paddle cactus, which you can see below. The fruit has has small spines growing on them similar to those that grow on the cactus pads themselves. We use a pear of tongs to pluck the fruit off the cactus. 

prickly pear cactus paddle cactus

Watson loves the prickly pear so much. You can see in the picture below the juice has covered his entire face and neck. He is relentless in his pursuit to get every last bit of the fruit.

If you have any questions or comments about our oldest pack member, Watson, hit us up in the comment section below! And don't forget to check out our pet treats for your dogs, hamsters and cats here.

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