Summer Heat Wave Survival Tips

Summer is officially here and keeping your dogs cool and hydrated is extremely important. We wanted to share a couple of tips to help your pooch survive the heat wave.  

First off it is important to know the dogs have natural ways they help themselves cool down. Dogs can pant to help them cool off and they can secrete a small amount of sweat through their paws and nose. So if you see your dog panting a lot and see liquid dripping off their nose, you can tell your dog is overheating and it’s time to cool down.

izzy soft coated wheaten terrier short hair ohana pets

One of the easiest ways to keep your dogs cool during the summer is to give them a short haircut. Izzy easily gets overheated year round. This is because the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is originally from Ireland where it only gets to about 75°F in the summer. There are days here in Tucson where it can get to over 115°F in June and July, so we make sure she always has a close buzz cut in the summer.

Our second tip is avoiding going on walks or doing physical activities during the middle of the day when the temperature is at it’s peak. Even when the temperature rises above 80°F Izzy gets hot but we still go on a short mid-day walk. She may be a goofball but she is also very smart, on these short walks she will make us run from shady spot to shady spot on our normal walking route. Once we get to a shady spot she will pant and wait for a couple seconds and then we run off to the next, it is hilarious. If it’s above 90°F, we wait until the sun goes down to go on a walk. If it is necessary to go out during the heat of the day, you should consider booties to protect your dog’s paws from the hot ground.

izzy soft coated wheaten terrier water summer ohana pets

Always have plenty of fresh water available but this is especially important during the summer. When we go on road trips, we always bring bottles of water with us. We have trained our dogs to drink from the stream of water so we don’t need to carry around a bowl or other accoutrements. You can see Izzy drinking from the stream in the picture above. This makes it easy for both our dogs and us to stay hydrated. Another random way we keep the dogs cool during the summer is using a personal battery powered fan, this is handy if there is no wind. 

izzy soft coated wheaten terrier fan ohana pets

Throughout the year we give the dogs ice, but more so during the summer. Our dogs love ice cubes to lick and chew on to keep them cool. We also buy frozen beef marrow bones to help keep their teeth clean but they also act as another form of coolant.

nana dog marrow bone ohana pets

Our dogs gnaw on them for 15-20 minutes and then we put them back into the freezer, wrapped in parchment paper. Some people choose to let their dogs have marrow bones at will however we have found that if they consume too much of the bone it makes for weird poops (TMI for some of our readers).

We hope you guys have a cool and happy summer! Get a bag of Izzy's Irresistible Crispy Chicken: Thin Cut Jerky today!

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