Two bobcats have an intense conversation in Tucson

Today’s blog post is a little different. Instead of giving you tips about pet care or telling you about our pets, we wanted to share something different. We love all animals, not just dogs, cats and pocket pets. We are the kind of people that when we see anything furry we have to stop and watch. Today we share with you a video of some amazing animals.

We live in Tucson and we deliver newspapers in the wee hours of the morning. The most exciting thing about this job is that it lets us see things we would never be able to see during the day. Since we live in the Sonoran Desert, most of the wildlife is hiding away in the shade during the heat of the day. Therefore, when we are out in the middle of the night, we have the pleasure of seeing creatures that we would never see during the day. We mostly see desert cottontails, javelinas and the occasional coyote. 

The other morning we were out delivering, as usual, and we came upon something we have never seen before: a pair of bobcats! This is experience was truly stunning. In the past, we have seen bobcats run off as we have been driving through our neighborhoods but never really had the opportunity to admire their beauty up close. This all changed with the sighting of this pair. After we stopped to admire them, what happened next shocked us. Watch the video below to see what we witnessed. Turn your sound UP!

We were shocked to see a pair of bobcats that were not at all startled by our presence and that they proceeded to have a disagreement of some sort. We they are discussing is a mystery but we have never heard a bobcat make any noise before. This was such a magnificent wildlife encounter! 

We hope you enjoyed our amazing bobcat video and don’t forget to check out our line of healthy pet treats!

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