Our Story

Our Inspiration

We met our muse on June 3, 2012. The moment we set eyes on an adorable mutt in the window of the Human Society adoption center we knew it was love at first sight. We went inside to meet Pepper, a 2 year old schnauzer mix. She was a delight and we adopted her on the spot even though we already had another dog and two cats at home and had no idea how they would get along. We just believed in our hearts that at that moment our grandparents, who both passed away the day before, were guiding us to this dog to help heal our hearts.

ali nana dog schnauzer

Ali and Nana

Pepper was soon renamed Nana (pronounced naa-naa) and we discovered that she was very food motivated. We ended up making all kinds of treats for the dogs and eventually started making their food from scratch. Life was great with Nana and then in August 2018 it all came to a screeching halt. Nana stopped eating and we knew something was wrong. She gave no prior indication she was sick and then we suddenly had to say goodbye.

The loss of Nana, our beloved pup that had become so deeply ingrained our hearts, brought us to question what we were doing with our lives. We are millenials who believed the societal norm of going to college, getting a higher education and then getting a 9 to 5 job. While we are grateful we got both a Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science in Animal Science at the University of Arizona, we realized with the passing of Nana that we could offer so much more by making healthy pet treats.

Our Name

We founded Ohana Pets with the sole purpose of sharing our healthy pet treats with the world. Growing up, we were a nomadic family and eventually ended up in Kauai, Hawaii. Those four years were the best: riding bikes in the streets, eating fresh guavas off the tree, all the amazing food and being surrounded by family. So when it came time to name our new company, we decided ohana was the purest name since “ohana” means family in Hawaiian. We believe all pets are family and should be fed like the kings and queens they are.  

We offer a wide variety of dog, cat and pocket pet treats for your furry family to enjoy. Our treats are healthy, all natural and made from high quality limited ingredients without preservatives. Welcome to the ohana!

kauai hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii

Our Taste Testers

Billy tabby cat treat ohana pets


Will show his belly to entice you to rub it then bite your hand. Loves smelling the dog’s feet.

Bodhi puppy dog treat ohana pets


Enjoys licking the metal clasp that attaches Izzy’s leash to her harness. Is afraid of the foldable sunshield for the car.

Hiro hamster treat ohana pets


Enjoys eating sunflower seeds while sitting in his wheel. Despises carob chunks and will toss them out of his bowl.

Izzy soft coated wheaten terrier dog treat ohana pets


Takes blind leaps of faith onto the couch resulting in a crash landing half the time. Most frequently found splooting on the cool tile.

Tyra white cat treat ohana pets


Delights in finding bare human toes to lick. Thinks the bathroom sink is her personal water fountain to drink from.

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